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Printig problem


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I have the issue, that some Printing jobs failed and the program susped.

The issue occours to some documents, but not to all.

Is there an issue with printing in Version ?


Best regards

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Tobey,

Thanks for your message!

So that we can test and troubleshoot, please provide the following:

- the Make and Model of the printer
- The exact steps you are taking
- A screenshot of what you are seeing or any error message you are receiving


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Hello Leslie,

the model of the printer are kyocera 5006ci.

When I want to print a document, I choose the printer in the print settings and click print.

I get the message "Nitro pro does not work anymore".

I have testet to edit the document with word and save the document without changes to pdf, it doesnt work. When I change the font and save the document as pdf, the printing works.

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