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Nitro Freezes When scrolling


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Nitro sometimes freezes when I'm scrolling through a pdf.  Is this a hardware issue?  If I work with large pdf docs, what hardware requirements would eliminate this issue?

Thank you. 

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Hector Chaidez

Hi Support. I bought the software assurance cleverbridge # 102426145, serial (truncated # 234601-448347-******). I am looking for my free upgrade to version 11. My version 10 freezes all the time. It's a headache. I've submitted several tickets but your support ticket doesn't go through. I've attached a screen shot showing it just stays in this position but it does not go through. I tried calling and nothing.

Please reach out to me. My email: workebox@yahoo.com. I really need this free upgrade. it's a pain to work with a program that freezes all the time. 


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Hector,

I just saw this other post of yours regarding submitting a ticket. I have also sent you a response here: https://community.gonitro.com/topic/269-free-upgrade-with-software-assurance/

I'm sorry you couldn't submit a support ticket. Have you tried clearing the cache or using a different web browser?

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