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Quicksign is disabled

Eran Blecher

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The Quicksign button on my Nitro Pro is disabled, therefore, I can't add a signature to a document.
I prefer to do it locally in the document rather than online in the Nitro Cloud.
When I do choose the Nitro Cloud option, the document misses its last two pages (document has 7 pages while only 5 show when opens online)
Also when working on the doc online, there is no button to jump to specific page in the document

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @EBFH,

Thanks for posting here!

Sounds like the file is locked that's why QuickSign is enabled.

You can check by opening the file in Nitro. Right-click on a page and then choose Document Properties.

If the file is not locked, you can see these options in the Security tab. Otherwise, you'll see what options are not allowed.


I hope that helps!

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I forgot to say in my original question that the reason for the lock (QuickSign button disabled) is probably the fact that it was signed by DocuSign by the other side which kind of sealed it and prevent it from being signed in any other way.
I'm trying to insert a screenshot showing the Security properties but it doesn't let me
When I clock on 'insert other media' it doesn't give a choice to browse into the file's location, please advise on that too
Anyway in the security properties it says 'allowed' on all fields but two 'change doc' and 'doc assembly' (those two are set on 'not allowed')


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