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Nitro Pro 12 won't work with Brother DS-620 scanner


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I recently upgraded from Nitro Pro 6 to Nitro Pro 12 (  Computer is Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit.

My Brother DS-620 mobile would always work perfectly with the Nitro 6 install, but with Nitro 12 the scanner window suddenly disappears a couple seconds after scanning one page.  No PDF gets created.

Happens every time.

Yes, I have the latest driver available installed for the scanner, which is attached directly to the computer via USB.  And the scanner works fine in several other programs, including other PDF creator software.

One thing I notice, if it matters:  When a scan is taking place in Nitro, the scanner window indicates that it is using "Native Memory," while in all the other programs I tried, it shows it is using "Buffered Memory."  I have no clue how to do anything about that.

Please help, since I want to be able to scan directly into Nitro 12, rather than having to create my PDFs in other programs and then move to Nitro.

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