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Activation Nitro Pro 13 after upgrade


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Dear friends,

in march 2019 I bought Nitro Pro 12, including the option for one year upgrade service.
Now I got the information that I can upgrade to Nitro Pro 13.
I can't activate Nitro Pro 13 with my Nitro Pro 12 serial number, I am told that it is invalid.
Purchased on: 22.03.2019
RE-No.: AKD-****
Reference: ****
What can I do or did I misunderstand something?

Many thanks in advance.

Edited by Leslie V.
Confidential information deleted
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Many thanks @Leslie V.for your Tip.
I'm so sorry.
I never thought that I could be so stupid. The only problem was that I've not seen the new mail after upgrade to nitro pro 13 and thought that the upgrade would work with the old nitro pro 12 S/N.
Many thanks again for the prompt answer.


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