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Apple Markup Tool and Nitro


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When i open a pdf inside of the mail app on an iPhone or iPad and select the markup tools to add text or a signature to the pdf and then forward to a recipient.   If the pdf is opened by adobe reader or acrobat it works fine.  Internally we use Nitro as the default pdf (around 100 endpoints) . The entire area where the signature was done is distorted.  I have been able to duplicate this 20-30 times.  Support is not able to duplicate it and keeps trying to close my support case.  Is anyone else having this issue?  Its hard to believe that i am the only one.  It appears that this started with apples release of ios 13.XX release.  If someone on support is monitoring this can you please help.  I have a ticket open with support and they are not helpful at all.  

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @JC-T

Thanks for posting here!

I can see that one of my teammates reached out regarding this.

We'll continue to communicate via that support ticket.


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