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How to insert an existing form into a pdf document


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Dear users,

When we receive invoices, we want to digitally review them, by filling in a small checklist. We used to print the document put an inkt stamp on it and complete it with paper.

To save the trees, we want to do this electronically, however what is the quickest way?

We can create a stamp, but can we distribute this stamp to all of the users within a firm without requiring them to add it manually? And when using a stamp, you need to flatten it, before you can type text in it.

Other thing I imagined, was to create a fillable form and distribute that to all the users, so they would simply have to choose: insert existing form or something. The form will contain checkboxes "yes" or "no". I only see possibilities to extract form data and to import form data, but not a possibility to import an actual form.

Is there any easy way in doing this?

Thank you in advance!



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Allain Umailin

Hello @MichelO,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

After checking your account records, Nitro support team decided to created a support ticket on your behalf.

For better case handling, kindly wait for an email from a Nitro Support Representative through the support case.


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