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Formatting of Text Boxes



I have been using Nitro Pro since version 5.5, maybe even an earlier but information is lost due to a hard drive failure. I am now using version 12.16. I have always had problems with formatting text boxes you can add to a PDF. Why can't Nitro make available the formatting for text boxes available like text boxes in Microsoft Word? Allow alignment of the Text Box itself (Left, Centered, RIght). Why can't the user set the inner margins of the text box? Why does every paragraph in a text box have to have the same format:  alignment, font, point size, Emphasis (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic), text color, background color, line thickness, line color?  If the Nitro Pro team can come up with the ability to do everything else this program can do, why can't they make the formatting of Text Boxes more flexible? And if the text colors and emphasis applied in this comment do not come through, then why make them available? And if the formatting does not post and because of my earlier post  about the support ticketing submitting problem is not settled without a bunch of back and forth with your support group as is usually required, I am considering why I don't try other programs that say they do the same thing you do.

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