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activation question, authentication problem


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I am a long-time Nitro customer. Just loaded the latest trial version to a new computer. Attempted to enter my previous Nitro 12 activation code, but the system says it isn't valid -- perhaps I have to start from scratch with a new purchase?

But beyond that, I attempted to open a new trial cloud account, and despite several tries, I haven't successfully received an authentication email. Nitro had no trouble sending me a "welcome" email, so why not authentication?

Please help!

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @lrosow,

You have a Nitro Pro 12 serial number, please make sure you have the correct version installed.

You can get the correct version 12 installer from this page: 

I sent you a Nitro cloud email. Please check that and let me know how that goes.


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Thank you, Leslie.

I unstalled and reinstalled using the link you sent. But when I try to enter my serial number (found on the "About Nitro..." tab on my old computer), I get the same message: "The serial number does not exist." I have double-checked it for accuracy. It dates from last March, and Nitro 12 was certainly active on the old computer. 

I see the cloud email -- haven't responded yet. Thanks.


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Oops! Cancel that! I see what I did now -- downloaded the link to Nitro 13 instead of Nitro 12.

So I suppose what I need to do (since it makes sense to upgrade) is pay for the new version (full price?).

Thanks for your help.

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