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How to Set a Scaling Preference


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Mario Kevesic

@thanksBUTnothanks I'm sorry to hear that you've given up of Nitro Pro but i assure you it's not that we don't understand our customers needs, it's more an issue of our capacity as well as how long it takes to fix/test certain bugs and then incorporate them into the backend code of our software. That being said, our developers are currently testing a fix for this issue and plan on releasing it in November as part of our Nitro Pro 11.0.7 build. 

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Just checked this thread for fun.  So Mario, you're saying your team is not as skilled as your competitors?  Wow, you must have quite an extensive test/fix process for bugs related to page scaling.  This is not a minor issue, but of no matter, as much as I hate Acrocrap, at least I'm getting the stability I need out of it.  Onward and upward to November!  Probably November 2019, LOL.

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Is there still no answer for this? Looking at this stream its over a year old. I was using Nitro 9 and just purchased 11, and now find it to be almost unusable just for the one feature. Cmon guys, this is ridiculous. 

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Kelvin B. Villarin

Hi @mlw18064 and @Schomisch,

Thanks for posting on our community forums!

There was an issue with this in a previous build of Nitro Pro but this has now been fixed. Using the latest build, the Page Scaling settings should save automatically for your next print job. 

Please update your copy and get the latest build of Nitro Pro 11 from: 


I hope this helps!

NOTE: before you download the newest build, it is important that you delete all Nitro Pro installers in your Downloads folder because we noticed that if you are saving all the installers you download in the same folder (like the Downloads folder), the EXE can pick up any MSI installed in that folder, and may pick-up one of the older builds instead of the new one with the fix. 

You can confirm if you're using the latest build by clicking on 'About Nitro Pro' under the Help tab.

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