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Nitro 13 using Wrong Printer in RDSH\TS


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I have Nitro Pro 13 installed on a Server 2016 Remote Desktop Session Host \ Terminal Server. Nitro Pro is not respecting the per-user Default Printer setting, and instead appears to be sending print jobs to the last printer that *any* user used last.

I see in the release notes from Nitro 12.11 that "Nitro Pro now remembers the last printer used, making it the default printer for the next print job. This makes users more efficient by removing the need to continually set printer preferences." -- I believe this 'remembering' is happening globally across the RDSH\TS and not happening per-user. This is wildly frustrating to the users in this environment.

Is there any way to disable that change from 12.11 so that Nitro will always select the individual User's Default Printer (like every other program on the planet does!)?

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