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Greetings and thanks for writing in!


Please use this link to find the download link for the latest build of Nitro Pro 10 and 11:  https://www.gonitro.com/support/downloads

The script error should not appear once you have updated your software. 


If you would like to keep your current build, you can also do the following (although updating is always recommended):

1. Open Nitro Pro. 
2. When the error appears on screen, click "No". A second error will also appear, click "No" on this as well. 
3. Check "Do not show at startup" on the window behind and click "Close" 

This will stop the Quick Start Guide from showing when Nitro launches and the issue should not re-occur.  You can find the Quick-Start guide in the menus under "Help > Product Tour".


Thanks for posting to our Community page!

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