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Nitro 12 Pro - Activation on second computer


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We have 2 kinds of Nitro 12 Pro licenses: upgrade and single user licenses. I read from your documentation that Nitro 12 single user licenses can be activated on two different computers, ie. home and work and I suppose that this includes 1 deactivation.

One of our users is changing his laptop to new one. He already had Nitro 12 Pro on two computers, old laptop and his home desktop. We deactivated the license on old laptop and tried to activate the license on new laptop, but there's only error message that prevents us doing so. The user has upgraded Nitro 12 Pro license.

Is there difference between upgraded Nitro licenses and bought single user licenses? Are the old version activations (if there's some, not sure) affecting to new version's activations, even though we paid to upgrade in between? Is there somekind of error in deactivation or activation of Nitro 12 Pro license that could be solved without buying new license?


Ps. I don't have an idea how your support works, but anyway the system is very annoying: I have contacted Cleverbridge, opened some Support ticket from your home page and now writing this message for third time during couple of hours.

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Already got answer to my ticket via email, but can I get a list of differences between licenses Nitro Pro 12 activation and Nitro Pro 12 single user?

We have bought both of these licenses, so I think we could transfer the licenses between our users, without a need to buy completely new license just because someone has 2 computers and prefers using them to work with Nitro as easily as possible (from home and office).

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