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Not opening folder when folder structure is too long/complicated


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I have a user who is working on a project, they stored al their files on a network drive (mostly pdf's and not that big in size) but he can't open them. Nitro just opens for a few seconds, not even the file just nitro and then shuts down. No error message

When he copies the files to his local drive he can open them without any problem. 

It might be related to the extensive folder structure they use for this project, i copied the full path here  below.


\\ZEUS\Projects_ongoing$\Doel-Tihange\A CLASSER\DR\Documents_recus_le_191213 (doc contractuels)\Contract_9900586488\9900586488_Appendix_II_TRF\9900586488_Appendix_II_TRF\4_Project_Documents


Can somebody explain why he can't open them direcly of the network drive?


Kind regards

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