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Migrate Function and Links


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I am currently in my trial period and have been experimenting to make sure Nitro will do what I need it to. I use Drawboard as my note taking app.  Our manuals get updated often so I wanted a program to save my annotations.  Nitro's migrate option seems to work great for most things.  I export my notes using migrate to a fdf file.  Then import the fdf file to the new manual and it overlays all my notes perfectly - with the exception of occasion pages that have been modified.  I realized this morning that I do lose link functions during the process.  The links still appear outlined, but nothing happens when you click them.  Is there a way around this? Or perhaps I'm missing a step during the migration process.



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Hello Eric,

Please send us a sample page from that file so we can test and see if there is any workaround.


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