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Baily Thomas Provident Fun

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Baily Thomas Provident Fun

Good morning, I have been a customer of NitroPro for over five years.  We have had a new computer and upgraded to windows 10 on both the new one and one of the original computers for which we have a NitroPro license.  I have tried without any success to reactivate one the two licenses following computer upgrades.  I have managed to deactivate one of the two but cannot for the life of me reinstate and get  Your system takes me round in loops it is so frustrating.

We have Nitro Pro V9 purchased in 2014

Could you help me to rectify this please as soon as possible?



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Baily Thomas Provident Fun

Dear Leslie

I have two licenses, they are:  *** and ***

Thank you

Denise Wilson 



Edited by Leslie V.
Confidential information edited
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