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Bluegrass Perio

Paragraphs vs different text boxes


Bluegrass Perio

I currently have Nitro Pro v10.5.5.29. I have automatic updates turned on, so I can't say exactly which update caused my issue, but it has been happening for about the last 2-3 weeks. I use a dental practice management program that creates a document and when I am finished I click a button that say "create PDF". Before 2-3 weeks ago, I could hit the 'enter' key in my orignial document, and when converted to a PDF and opened in Nitro, all the text would still be editable in the same text box. Now, each time the 'enter' key is used in the original document, Nitro creates a new text box. So instead of one editable text box, there are like 5-10 separate text boxes (depending on the number of times the 'enter' key was used), which makes editing more than a word or two impossible without respacing each text box. Any help on how to correct this would be extremely appreciated!

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Eli R.



Thanks for posting to our Community page.


For help troubleshooting our current software, please submit a ticket to our Support team here:  www.gonitro.com/support/ticket


Thanks again for the post!

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