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Form fields buggy


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I'm trying to add form fields but have encountered many issues. Is it me or are form fields supper buggy in v.

1. When copy/pasting one field to create another of the same type and properties (i.e. radio button),  the field type often changes after closing the properties window.  I copied a radio button, changed its name and then closed the Properties window and became a checkbox. I was able to reproduce it and even sent Nitor a screen video. Not a word from support. 

2. When selecting a group of text fields then right-clicking and chose Distribute > Vertically the spacing is ALWAY off. Even when each field is a copy of the previous one to keep the sizes the same. 

3. Zooming out can sometimes make some fields vanish. I had a stack of 8 text fields and was zoomed in very close to align them as close as possible, but when I zoomed out, the bottom 2 had vanished. This has happened multiple time. 

4. Under Properties > Actions Add Action: Show/Hide for mouse actions does not work.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set text Field B to be hidden.
  2. For Radio Button A, set Select Trigger to any of the mouse functions. 
  3. Click "Add Action to List..."
  4. Select Field B to Show Click OK
  5. Click, mouse over, etc. on Radio Button A and no matter what, Field B never appears. 

4. No way to make a radio button look like a radio button. Borders are square no matter what. 

5. Custom colors for fonts, fills and borders are not saved. I have to set them for each and every field. 

6. Software crashes often. At least once every two hours. 


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Nope, Daviator, it is not just you.  I have run into some of your same issues and additional buggy aspects.  For a product that I paid good money for (Pro version), I am quite disappointed that fillable form features for creating forms are so problematic with NitroPro.  Fillable forms have become quite common place for PDFs.  There really needs to be more Nitro resources put into improving this important feature.

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