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NITRO PRO V9 Purchase license


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I purchased Nitro pro v9 in June 2014. I have rebuilt my laptop and had to re-install all my programmes, which I have done successfully, except Nitro. I have tried license re-activation and I simply cannot get it to work. I am now using a trial version, which quite frankly annoys me. How do I get my old version to work again, and quickly??

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Hello @jellis@lead-all.com

In the future, if you would like to move your license to a new computer, or plan on reformatting your computer, I suggest you deactivate first by click on:
Help tab > About Nitro Pro > Activate > Deactivate
This will allow you to reactivate again.


For now, please send me your serial number so I can check.


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Hello Leslie, thank you for the response...FYI, I did a windows upgrade on my laptop which caused the computer to crash, I managed to recover my personal files but I had to reload all my software programmes, so I wasn't able to deactivate as you suggested...I will do this in future...however all the details of my purchase are below...when you re-activate please let me know what version I must install etc. an auto link will assist greatly.

Many thanks

Reference no: ***

Date: ***

Status: Paid

Total: $ 139,99

Client: Nitro Software, Inc.

Product name  Qty.

Nitro Pro v9, English  1


cleverbridge Customer Support

Your Serial Number(s): ***



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