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Fix Form Fields



  • Fix form fields converting to checkboxes when renaming a copied/pasted field (saving changes radio buttons and text fields to checkboxes)
  • Fix show/hide fields based on mouse functions on another field (nothing happens)
  • Fix miscalculations when distributing fields vertically (gaps are not even)
  • Fix customer colors for fonts and borders not saving (annoying ot have to change it every time) 
  • Allow for hyperlink as format in text fields
  • Allow all radio buttons in a group to be unselected by default (if you click one to test there is no way to set all back to  unchecked). 
  • Fix inability to center radio button style in center of border
  • Allow users to set height and width numerically for form fields (why does the right-click menu show the words for Size > Height, Width and  Both but nothing shows and nothing can be set)?
  • Allow for round radio buttons (border and button) 
  • Some actual javascript working examples would be helpful. (Some do not work as shown in manual)


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