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Moving License from PC to new Laptop


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HI, I had Nitro installed on a PC but have since moved to a new laptop. I need to uninstall Nitro from the old PC so that I can install on my laptop. I have the Serial Number but I cannot see how to uninstall from the old machine. I was able to deactivate but not uninstall.

Also - when I try to install Nitro on the new laptop, there is no Help file at all. Or at least not one that I can see. Do I need to have it fully installed and be logged on in order to see the Help file?


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @GennaS

Thanks for posting here!

No need to uninstall it on the other computer, as long as it was deactivated first, you can reuse the serial number on a new one.

Please send me your serial number so I can check.


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