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Issue with Printing Passworded documents


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Hello all,

We are using Nitro 12 (on Windows 10 - 1903) for the sole purpose of being able to password protect our PDF files prior to transmittal. We type the report in MS Word, use the build-in Nitro add-on to convert the .docx into .pdf (this process applies the password security), then we send as email attachment from within Nitro and that is our process.

We send to multiple clients/locations and we have recently (Fall 2019) started getting complaints from individuals that they can open our PDF files with the password, but are still unable to print the PDF files once opened. We have not changed our process at all, nor do we ever implement "permission" passwords, we only use the "open password" for the initial opening of the document. Even stranger, different people at the same location do not experience the same issue.

Before I completely pull my hair out, is there anything that I may be doing wrong that would cause them to not print when applying a normal "open password?" Or has this been an issue with Nitro in the past, not playing nice with other PDF programs?

Unfortunately, due to the distance between us and the recipients, I do not have good information on what programs/OS they are using - I am 95% sure the issue is on their end, but I need to conduct some due diligence as it's OUR files that they cannot work with.


Thanks for your time.

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