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Multiple Signatures on single document, single line

CBH admin

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How can I send a single document for multiple people to sign on the same line? For example, I have a company policy that all staff needs to acknowledge and don't want to have to send 20+ times.

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Jeffrey Kirk

I am having trouble doing this also.  Can't seem to find any clear instructions on how to do it.  Not happy with the help for this product!!

I am trying to send a document to numerous people to sign and when I add recipient the previous signatories/date etc are still there.  Not sure whether I have to delete previous information first before entering details again or overlay on one already there.  That is the only way it will let me continue but when I sent emails to 3 of my own email addresses to test.  It shows signatures of previous recipient.

Very frustrated at the moment!!  Would love to be able to talk to someone in help on telephone.  If possible my number is 0437 xxx xxx.

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