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Rob Nicholson

Please improve SharePoint integration!

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Rob Nicholson

There was a post on here from May 2019. Here we are nearly a year later and v13 still has the most awful SharePoint integration functionality. You guys are missing a trick here. The shift to using Office 365 Groups within SharePoint continues apace but your interface is stuck with what looks like the developer threw together in a few minutes.

Companies will have many Office 365 groups so what do you do - simply display a long list:


Not only that but you display the alias of the group, not it's display name. I reported this as a clear bug ages ago but still not fixed. I'm pretty sure it's a one line change in the code! Or not far off.

But also consider how difficult it is still to navigate through. Continually scrolling up and down hunting out the project. So can we have some kind of "last visited groups" or even better, some kind of bookmark/favourite system?

If you implemented these two (IMO) simple changes which I doubt would take more than a few developer days, then your product would start to differentiate itself from the crowd. As it stands, I have a watching brief from my client to find a PDF editor that works better with SharePoint/Office 365 groups.

I'm actually sad that you can't see the benefit of improving this interface... not like Microsoft 365 is a dying system...

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