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Move license to new computer-Nitro 10

Jeff Steiman

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Jeff Steiman

I currently have six properly licensed versions of Nitro 10. They need to be moved to new computers.

The S/N showing in the About... window of Nitro is alpha numeric. When I try to reinstall Nitro on the new computer using the activated S/N, I receive an invalid S/N number is being used. A technician through a chat session replied that S/Ns do not have letters, only numbers.

As I own these licenses and Nitro 10.5 does everything I need it to do, is there a way to move the license or S/N from one computer to another? I find it a little dismaying that I would have to purchase new licenses for software I already own.

And before I am asked again, I do not have the original purchase information, the name of who purchased them or their email. I am the new IT admin at the company and that information is long gone.

Thank you,


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Allain Umailin

Hello @Jeff Robert,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

To further assist you with your concern, kindly respond to the email message that was sent to you through the support case you submitted.


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Jeff Steiman

I did contact Nitro separately. They keep asking for the original email and name of the person who first purchased the licenses. I sent them the same picture of the Nitro info and explained that the original confirmation emails are not in my possession.

I tried the same thing with Cleverbridge and even they give me the same answers.

How can Nitro nor Cleverbridge not have a record of the activate S/N number to verify my license? That's another couple thousand dollars for new software that I've already paid for and have been using for three years. Not fair

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