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Red-Line SYMBOL Changes Wont easily Copy and Paste within same document

James Corcovelos

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James Corcovelos

I am an electrical engineer making changes to a customers 30 year old blueprint / drawings.  The drawings are being modified by me (we call it a REDLINE change) using the REVIEW Tab using [Shapes], [TEXT Box], Text. and various lines and highlighting.  Most of the drawings are the same from sheet to sheet.  Therefore, I would like to make some global changes from one modified drawing to the next to save me time from having to redraw every single change.  Some pages take me at least 3 hours to draw the changes.  When I finally create a SYMBOL of a Thermocouple or a MOTOR out of various circles / lines / text, I would desire to lock all of these individual pieces together and be able to move or copy as a whole locked symbol instead of a myriad of dozens of individual pieces.  If I could just COPY these LOCKED/MERGED changes and PASTE them to the next document, it would save an enormous amount of time.  I can do this same procedure in VISIO or AUTOCAD or SMARTDRAW in ten minutes time flat.  However, I cannot import PDF files into these types of formats without it really destroying this old drawing.  I also cannot copy the SYMBOL Templates from these other programs into Nitro Pro.  Therefore, I am forced to use a PDF editor with it's own internal drawing / markup tools.       

Also once I build a "template" for a electrical or a mechanical type drawing, I'd like to save the template ONLY and not the drawing.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for any help.


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