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Reversing page order

Steven Bailey

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Steven Bailey

It it possible to reverse the order of the pages in a fairly large document (280 pages)?  The document in question consists of chronologically ordered short (1 page) reports with the latest last.  It would be much easier for readers to refer to the later documents without having to scroll down through the entire document or delve the bookmarks.  I have come across the need to do this with other documents too.  I can't see a feature in the software - but maybe I just can't find it or its an unusual thing to do.
Thank you.

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Mike Jaquish

I got this accomplished.
Try to Print.
In your Print Settings dashboard, open "Print All Pages."
At the very bottom of the dialogue box, you should see "Reverse Pages" check box.
Check it.
Printed my 75 pages with Microsoft Print to PDF, and I have a clean, proper file.

It is a shame that you couldn't get an answer to your question from Nitro, but there you go.

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Steven Bailey

Thank you very much Mike.
Another one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments!
(only just received the notification of your reply)


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