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Nitro Pro 12 will not save files to SharePoint

Jon Moore

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When saving a file using Save As dialog box within nitro pro, either browsing directly to a SharePoint 2013 document library from the root URL, or clicking on a Quick Access link in Explorer (Which is SharePoints "Open in Explorer Window"), I get the message "You do not have permission to save the file to SharePoint server.  Use 'Save As' to save a local copy."

- I am able to drag a PDF onto the IE window to copy it into the library, so permissions are correct
- Other people with my exact same permissions on the site are able to save to this site without issue using Nitro.
- I am able to save to other SharePoint document libraries

I have tried:

- Uninstalling and reinstalling, and also using the uninstaller script to completely remove Nitro (I rebooted after running it)

Is there a cache that can be cleared within Nitro?  I assume it would be outside of the installation folders (as those get deleted when you uninstall).

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