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Nitro Crashes when I use OCR Function


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Hello -

About a week ago my Nitro program has started to crash every time I use the OCR tool. It doesn't matter if the file is 2 pages, 12 pages, 60 pages, etc. it will always crash when I click OCR. I am on Version We tried a uninstalling the program and reinstalling with the same version, but had no luck. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

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Jessica Laster

I have had this issue with multiple versions of Nitro.

I've worked with tech support on this many times, but the reason for the error was always a bit evasive, therefore, a solution hasn't been had..

Uninstalling and reinstalling the program would help for a short time, but the OCR issue would always return.

I MAY have accidentally stumbled upon the solution.

I noticed that my C:/ drive was inexplicably running out of space. This was of interest, as we do not store our data locally.

I ran Glary Utilities - Disk Space Analyzer - and discovered that there was a folder called NitroSpoolDir (C:Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\NitroSpoolDir) that had 43.48 GB of data in it. I deleted this file, uninstalled Nitro using Revo Uninstaller, including all the folders and sub-folders that were left over, did a fresh install of Nitro Pro, and rebooted.

I have OCR'd three very long, rather poorly scanned documents, and have had no crashes, yet. Again, it is only been 48 hours since I did this, however, in the past, Nitro would have crashed by now. Just thought I would post this in case it could be of help to anyone.

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