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Alexander Schmidt

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Alexander Schmidt

Hello, I bought a version of Nitro Productivity Suite for testing purposes at the end of March 2019. Along with this purchase, I also purchased one year of free product updates.I've been trying to get answers to my questions for over 4 months now, but I can't reach anyone from the support team. Therefore I hope to get the appropriate answers to my question here.

1) The addon for one year of free updates, can it really be extended? We need 5 licenses but I want updates at any time? How can you do this? Is there an ABO version?

2) The free updates also include jumps from version 12 to 13. Or are only updates contained within a version level.

3) I never found a feature for updates in Nitro. Is there a function in Nitro that automatically checks for updates and installs them?

4) Although I booked free updates from March 2019 to March 2020, I was never able to update them. Where can I complain about this? Whenever I enter my serial number, I get a message that it could not be validated.

Although I think Nitro is really good, I am more than unsatisfied with the support. I have been trying to get answers to my questions for over 4 months now, but this is simply not possible.

This is the second attempt to post here in the forum.

I give up slowly but surely.No one can be reached via chat. A support ticket can only be written with a few characters. That doesn't really matter, because it is never answered anyway.




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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Alexander,

Thanks for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

We have received the support ticket you opened regarding the same query. We will respond to your support ticket directly.


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