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Installation from confirmation email

Víctor Ramón Rodríguez García

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Víctor Ramón Rodríguez García

Good day

After purchasing four licenses of nitro pro 13, i've found myself trying to install from the confirmation email, only to found that it crashed at 89%.

I've had to use and old *.msi x64 that I downloaded a time ago, that fortunately worked. 

Why this things happend? I've read in one post that Brother printer software can cause this behaviour. Why? Is nitro so special to do this?. Why does not ask to close aplications than can cause conflits with its isntallation?, and after installation, asking for a restart of the computer? This can be my last nitro purchase. I've bougth a time ago some licenses of nitro that does not cause so many troubles that this last.

Thanks in advance

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