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Creating PDFs from Outlook 365 Emails with Attachments

James Thompson

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James Thompson

I have lots of Outlook 365 emails, many with single or multiple attachments, that I need to create as PDFs and save to a unique folder.  Once I have the emails within Outlook identified via an advanced search, is there a way to create PDFs from the emails with their attachments automatically appended to the end of the emails?  Currently, I have to go to the "Create PDF" button within the Nitro Pro add-in tab, create a PDF of the email first using the "From Selected Email(s)" pull down option; and then, go back and create PDFs of the attachments from the "From Attachments in Selected Email(s)" pull down option.  I then have to combine the email PDF with the attachment(s) PDF(s) to create one single file of the email and attachments.  In other words, it's a three step process to create the needed PDF files from all of the emails - very time consuming.  I would like to simply highlight the desired email with attachments and then, in one step, create a PDF of the email itself inclusive of all attachments.

Is there a way to do this??  Am I missing something??

Thanks, jft  

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