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RMS Integration

Mar Co

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I am using Nitro Pro and want to use the RMS integration feature to limit access to a PDF to a user as well as setting a time expiry. I am using the article from the knowledge base which states the first step is to.

Browse to https://portal.aadrm.com/ and sign up for an account. Wait to receive your password and account details before proceeding to the next step

The website mentioned in the article appears to not be available anymore. I have looked around on the internet and have seen some posts which may suggest that Microsoft have end of life RMS and its replaced with Azure Information Protection but its not clear if there is an alternative to being able to create an account somewhere else to complete the first step of the process to set-up RMS.

Can someone please advise on how you are able to set up rights management on a PDF document, as without this step its not possible. Is there an alternative process to now follow or is this feature now not available with Nitro Pro.


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