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Opening Mail Attachment

Bob Williams

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Bob Williams

We are getting the "Opening Mail Attachment" prompt asking to Open, Save, or Cancel.   As shown here.


I have attempted to use the CTRL-SHIFT running as Administrator I've seen in the forum but that doesn't work.  Running Outlook as Administrator does not give us the check box option, it is always greyed out.  Have tried some binary flag setting in the registry and that also doesn't work to change the behavior.

We are using Nitro and Outlook for Office 365 MSO (16.0.12527.20880) 64-bit.

If I uninstall Nitro Pro and just have Adobe Acrobat Reader however, the attachment will just open when double-clicked on in Outlook in Acrobat.  As soon as Nitro Pro is back, it gives the above prompt.  I can sit here and install and uninstall to repeat the behavior several times.  I have even duplicated this on in our VM farm and another physical workstation.  I've tried setting Acrobat to be the default in Windows, and Internet Explorer, but that doesn't seem to change the behavior of the box.

We would like to figure out if this is something we can revert back to not prompting. 



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