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Having Problems Activating Nitro Pro?

Mario K.

If you're on Nitro Pro 12 or an older version such as Nitro Pro 11, Nitro Pro 10, or Nitro Pro 9, you might run into an instance where you're not able to re-activate your software (-Error 24 message). This is because our activation servers no longer support older versions of Nitro Pro so your software needs to be updated to either the latest build of Nitro Pro 12, or to Nitro Pro 13.

If you're an individual user, you will have an option to either upgrade to Nitro Pro 12 free of charge, or to upgrade to Nitro Pro 13 for a discounted price. This upgrade can be run on top of your already installed license of Nitro Pro. If you choose to upgrade to Nitro Pro 12, please visit our site and install Nitro Pro Your new license will use the original serial number for its activation. If you have troubles finding your original serial number, please visit our Knowledge Base for instructions. If you choose to upgrade to Nitro Pro 13, please visit our Upgrade Portal and we will provide you with your new serial number.

If you're a Nitro's business customer, please reach out to your IT department for assistance, or submit a support ticket with us at https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket (Activation option for non-VIP customers) and we'll gladly assist you. 


Nitro Team

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