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Seriennummer nicht vorhanden

Alexander Simon

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Alexander Simon

Hallo Zusammen,

leider wurden uns unsere beiden Arbeitsrechner gestohlen und wir möchten unsere beiden neuen Rechner wieder einrichten.

Uns fehlt jedoch die Seriennummer für die beiden Lizenzen.

Wie können wir diese erhalten?

Viele Grüße, Alex

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Reymund Oyong

Hi @Alexander Simon,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!
I will be using Google Translate and I apologize if the translation is not accurate.

Please provide the invoice or order reference number that you received when you purchase the Nitro Pro license. 
Provide as well the email address you used during the license purchase.

We will use these information to search for purchase records and locate the serial number.

Kind regards, 

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Alexander Simon

Hi Reymund,

thanks for the support.

i can't found an option to upload the invoice.

Enclosed the numer BV47xxxxxx

Order # 1263xxxxxx

Best regards Alex


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Alexander Simon

Hey Reymund,

for the license purchase i used the emailadress alexander.simon@xxx-yyyzzzz.de

BR, Dinah 

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