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Nitro Pro freezes for each search

Οδισε Λαζρι

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Οδισε Λαζρι


I have just purchased Nitro Pro (yesterday) and it is not working! It freezes for each search that I make! Then I have to close it  by Task manager - End task!

I do not know how to insert the image from URL!

Please what should I do to resolve this problem?  

Thanks for understanding. 


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  • Official Nitronaut
Allain Umailin


Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

If you have Nitro Pro 13 on a Windows 10, 'Windows 10 Suggested Text' feature could be causing this issue. 

This option can be found by typing 'Settings' into the Windows 10 search bar. On the settings pop up, search for and select 'Typing settings', then scroll down to the Hardware keyboard section and have the user turn off 'Show text suggestions as I type'.  

Once done, close /reopen Nitro Pro and try the search function again.

Thank you for choosing Nitro and I hope this helps.

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Οδισε Λαζρι

Thank you so much for your reply. It is working well now. 

Congratulations for this application. It is wonderful, although quite a bit expensive. 

I have only one suggestion, when one copies from Nitro Pro (PDF) and pass it to word, the text does not come in order. It would be great if it is possible to improve this option. 

Thanks for understanding.  

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Shreyas Zingre

Wow, there are multiple forum posts about the same issue, but only this post has the real solution.

I was about to abandon NitroPDF for another software.

But this solution worked for me as well!

Thank you!

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