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Electronic Page Re-numbering in NitroPDF13


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I often need to start the number the pages on my PDF other than page 1. I've previously used AcrobatPro to easily renumber the pages so the page number in document match the electronic page number. So for instance if a user wanted to print out page 608, they would select page 608 in the print dialog box of whatever PDF viewer they had, not page 3. Bates numbers doesn't seem to do this, but I'm sure NitroPDF13 has this very basic feature, I just not looking at the right place...

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Hi.  This wasn't available in v12.  I hope this function is added in the future.  Especially with Covid, I scan pages from a book and send them out.  Then I ask people over zoom to turn to page 12, 748, ... and it would be nice if the PDF reflected the correct page number.   I also download PDF manuals and want to renumber the pages so it starts with i, ii, iii, iv, ... then switches to 1, 2, 3...  with Acrobat that made it very easy to jump to a page when I saw the page number in the text.

Here's the v12 discussion


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