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added gmail support (webmail in general)

Chris Atkins

Support for webmail, such as gmail or yahoo mail.   

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  1. 1. Currently, there is no support for integrating Nitro Pro functionality with webmail, such as gmail for example. Only locally installed email clients like Thunderbird or Outlook are supported. I say webmail needs to be supported so when a person wants to share a PDF or use the submit form function in button creation, gmail (default chrome for mail links) should be recognized by Nitro Pro. Who else agrees?

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The Submit Form function needs to support webmail, such as gmail, and not just email clients such as Thunderbird or Outlook, etc.  

When I want to submit a form, and the button is clicked, using mailto:XXXXX only support locally installed email clients as listed above. When will we see greater support for other top email providers via web such as gmail, or yahoo mail, etc?

Many users, home and business, still use webmail over Outlook or the likes.  Making the ability to share, send PDFs via gmail webmail, a top player in the email market, shouldn't even be an issue, but here we are.   

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