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Saving Completed Forms outside Nitro

Rod Mather

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I am evaluating Nitro-pro to see if it is right for me. One of the things I will be doing is creating forms that will be used by all sorts of people not in a Company Environment. So it is likely that they will be using Acrobat Reader. I have created forms in Trial Nitro-Pro, when I load them into Acrobat Reader they can be completed and printed, but they cannot be saved. I have made a certificate to allow commenting and form fill-in actions. But it still cannot be saved in Acrobat Pro.

Does Nitro Pro support form creation, completion and saving in other programs such as Acrobat Reader, and if so how can I see it in action? Such a form is attached.

Many thanks to all who reply.

Example Form.pdf

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Thank you Steven.

I've attached the problem I get with the form I have a new Windows 10 x64 as of two weeks ago, everything that goes on the computer is fresh. My Adobe is version 9 - 9.2.0 that came with my computer and when I check for updates it says none are available. Yes I see that you have completed the form. Thank You.

I'm wondering if it is because I am evaluating  the trial version over 14 days.

TO Nitro Support

Thank you for raising a support ticket on this. You provided a link, but all I get from the link is the "Submit Support Request" page, I can't see anywhere I can actually find the support ticket raised.


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Steven Zakulec

So, if you absolutely need people with Adobe Reader 9 (a now-unsupported version with free upgrades available) to be able to fill out your forms, you need to talk to support because I'm sure there's a way to get this to work- here's the direct ticket link: https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket.  Otherwise, upgrade Adobe Reader to a later version (DC is the current one, and as long as you tell Chrome to not allow the extension, you'll be fine).

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Thank you Steven for your patience.

I have totally uninstalled Adobe 9 and installed the latest version according to the acrobat site. Completed form files can be saved, and they can be reloaded. I am now happy and I will be purchasing Nitro.

Thank you Steven for your help. It is very much appreciated.


A small word about my naivety. Having a new computer built to my specifications about two weeks ago, I expect software installed to be relatively up to date. Even if it isn't, Clicking the "Check for updates" in Acrobat Reader resulted in "No updates available." If the software can't differentiate between versions for a major update, I think that it is unreasonable for the user to be clairvoyant.

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