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Convert PDF→Excel: extra spaces in words randomly

Nate  Schley

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I had 3 PDF (v1.7) files with tables I converted to Excel.  I started by deleted extraneous pages, then deleting extraneous content on the remaining pages so that the only content was the tables of interest.  Generally, the conversion process worked like a charm.

The problem is so many of the words have extraneous spaces in them, and I have to manually re-group the words.

Examples of words I need to manually correct:  "b rake", "br ake", "bra ke", "un it", "ou t", "ope n", "supp ress"

I saw one thread in the community citing this issue.  The response referred to OCR settings in the user guide.  The Nitro Pro settings were already set as advised. I noticed OCR→Recognition→Qualty = medium, so I changed it to High & re-converted.   There was no appreciable difference in the conversion output.

Here are relevent app settings:

  • Conversion
    • Advanced recovery
      • All text
      • language = english
      • automatically OCR image-based docs
  • OCR
    • correct image skew - checked (I have no graphics beyond table lines)
    • Fixed threshold - unchecked
    • detect text orientation - unchecked (all text is horizontal, L-R)
    • Recognition
      • language = english
      • quality = high
    • Output
      • use system font based recognition - unchecked (all fonts seem to be embedded in the PDF)

I'm using Nitro Pro

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