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document signed with qualified signature is not compatible with eIDAS

Aleksander Cesarz

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Aleksander Cesarz

I am using Nitro to sign various documents. Recently started applying qualified signature instead of locally generated to the documents and found out that the signature is not properly recognized by other software. I am using hardware token to sign the document and have imported the certificate into Windows certificate store so it is visible as identity in Nitro.

Nitro claims that it is fully compatible with eIDAS: https://www.gonitro.com/nps/eu-esignature-legislation

However this tools https://verifysignature.eu/verification/ says that the file contains "Unsupported signature structure" and Acrobat Reader says that the signature cannot be validated. Signing with the same certificate in Acrobat Reader works properly.

In Nitro the signature is displayed as validated.

Please advise on a correct procedure to add qualified certificate to Nitro to get properly recognized and validated signature.

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