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Batch Page Numbers in Footer

Jeff Sadino

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I am using Nitro Pro 13.  When I go into Manage Headers and Footers and then to Edit my Footer, in the Dynamic text dropdown, I see an option for "Batch Page No."  I am wondering what this does and how it is different than the regular page numbering?  My end goal is to compile one PDF with multiple Exhibits and put a text label at the bottom of each page in the format "Ex. 1 / Pg. 1", "Ex. 1 / Pg. 2", "Ex. 2 / Pg. 1" etc.  The only way I can do this now is to manually update and then apply the Footer Exhibit-by-Exhibit.  Is there a way to just do one operation that would automatically update the Exhibit number, then restart the page numbering at 1, increment the page numbering by one for each new page, and then at the next Exhibit, increment the Exhibit number by one and restart the page numbering back at 1?  Could the Batch Page No. help with this?


Thank You.

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