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Nitro Pro 13 on Citrix

Andre Jochemsen

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Andre Jochemsen

Hi all,

Our customer has bought 4 Nitro Pro Individual licenses some time ago. The product is used on user dedicated workstations.

They now want the software to be available on Citrix, for those 4 users.
I managed to install the software on Citrix by using an MSI installation file. But the user has to reactivate every time they logout and logon to Citrix.
Is it possible to roam the license key with the users profile? Searched the appdata folder, but i didnt find any license / serial key information there.
Also in the registry i didnt find a serial key entry in the Nitro registry settings (HKCU)

If above is really not an option for this situation, i probably need new licenses? And also a different installer, with an answer file created that contains a license we have to purchase? Does Nitro support in translating individual licenses to enterprise / business licenses to save cost? The individual licenses are not needed anymore once all is implemented on Citrix.

Thanks for the clarification.



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