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Nitro customer support is non-existent

Mark Heim

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What a goddamn joke. I started a new topic, detailed my questions and issues with the software, clicked on Submit Topic and ... sends me to some worthless bullshit site to register.

So where is my submitted topic? How do you find ANY support from this POS company?

Now I will recreate the post that has mysteriously disappeared and my guess is that I am continuing to waste my time asking for any help from you rotten bastards ...

We upgraded to sometime last year (SN 234601-XXXXXX-XXXXXX) and had a number of issues we struggled with Nitro to address after paying for “VIP Access” (another joke). That purchase was supposed to include the next “upgrade” which never materialized – or at least we were never notified of its availability. I did not pay much attention because Nitro Pro was operating satisfactorily … until about four or five weeks ago when I started having trouble – all of the sudden – with ALL of the functions. You cannot select the portions of the document you need to (Highlight, Select text, Type Text, Call Out, Text Box ....), NONE of the 'Home' or 'Review' functions are working correctly. Nitro Pro will no longer allow placement of any features. Try to move a typed text and Nitro will only move it in “blocks”. I don’t know how else to describe it. You try to move a number or word in a column or box and nitro jumps to another part of the document entirely – inches away. Same for every damn function.

SO ...

  1. is our VIP access expired and, if so, when?
  2. Why did we not get the upgrade when the next version was released?
  3. What can a user do to “fix” these new bugs that were not present before?
  4. Is there anyone at Nitro Pro that actually cares about their customers satisfaction?
  5. Can you please tell Scam Chandler and Gina O-really that they SUCK!

Any response would be greatly appreciated - and frankly surprising. 

Even if someone does respond, how the hell will I know? This forum is infuriating - as is my unfortunate relationship with Nitro



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Serial number was exposed
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