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Robert Zammit

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Robert Zammit


Can you please advise if there is a way to batch insert pages into multiple, separate PDFs

I have like 100 PDF files (example PDF1, PDF2, PDF3, PDF4 etc) and would like to insert the same PDF file  (ADDITIONAL PAGES.PDF) to each of the 100 PDF files at one go. The files should remain with the same names ie PDF1, PDF2, PDF3 etc

thanks in advance and looking forward for a solution



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I also need this function for one of my users. For two years now I've had to purchase the Adobe Acrobat Pro subscription to get this basic batch processing function. I would be forever grateful if someone had a solution for this.

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Reymund Oyong

Hi @Lawrence Charles

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Please check the forum post below. This seems to be the closest work-around for this concern:

Kind regards,

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Noah Belmont
1 hour ago, Lawrence Charles said:

Did you find a solution for this?


The solution still is to provide my users with and Adobe Acrobat Pro license. I opened a ticket with Nitro Support about this well over 18 months ago and submitted a feature request when they confirmed the functionality was missing. I've also spoken with our account rep at Nitro and explained that we will not be renewing our 500 licenses in the future, as this issue along with other "future updates" seem to be dreamware (Any mobile app, macOS app, Microsoft AIPv2 support, SSO authentication for Nitro Sign, license management portal, etc.)

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