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Thumbnail View menu problem

Michelle Beveridge

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Michelle Beveridge

When using thumbnail view, the menu icons at the top of the thumbnails are no longer displaying to scale on the screen. I see the bottom quarter of the icons only. This was working in previous versions. I am on the most current version It is best shown via a screenshot but not sure how to provide that screenshot via this online form.

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Reymund Oyong

Hi @Michelle Beveridge,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Could you please confirm if you are referring to the Thumbnails preview of the PDF files in Windows Explorer?
Please try upload or use the Attach button to attach the screenshot when you respond back to this forum post?

You may also try to repair your Nitro Pro 13 installation then see if this fixes the PDF thumbnail preview in Windows Explorer. 
The Nitro Pro repair can be done within the Windows' Control Panel > Programs and Features.

Kind regards,

Edited by Reymund G.
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Michelle Beveridge

Hi Reymund,
I didn't know what else to call the section I was talking about. It is in the application itself, not explorer. It might be called the navigation section. You click on an icon labelled "View and navigate through this document using page thumbnails".  Once you have clicked on that icon, it brings up a left side margin showing thumbnails of the pages in the document. The menu at the top of this margin section is the one I can't see properly. Typically this allows you to rotate pages, delete pages, etc.
I also couldn't find a button to "attach" a photo in these forum posts. I only get shown a button to "insert image from URL". Even in the menu icons at the top of each forum note only shows me a link icon not an attach one. I note my content needs to be approved by a moderator so perhaps I don't have the access rights to attach files.
Cheers Michelle.

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