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Issues with uninstalling Nitro 13

Carmen Castrovillari

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Carmen Castrovillari

Hi there,

I am trying to uninstall Nitro 13 in order to install Nitro 11 but I am coming across an issue during the uninstallation. I get the following error message and it has been stuck at 15% progress for nearly an hour every time I tried: 

No action was taken as system reboot is required.

I have tried to re-start my laptop and uninstall nitro but nothing working so far.

I wanted to send you a screenshot of the error but I don't know how to.


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Reymund Oyong

Hi @harry@wayfairertravel.com,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Please perform the steps below to completely remove Nitro Pro 11 on your computer:

1. Download Nitro cleanup tool from the link below:

2. Extract the cleanup utility then run the cleanup tool by double-clicking nitro-cleanup.vbs. A command window will appear during the cleanup process.
3. After the cleanup, restart the computer. 

After completing the steps, you can install Nitro Pro 11 by downloading the installer from the following location: 

Go to the Nitro Pro 11 section then download the installer that matches your Windows installation (32bit or 64bit).
Once Nitro Pro 11 is installed, activate it using your version 11 serial number.

Kind regards,

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