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Unable to activate after Windows 10 update

R Koehn

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This has happened more than once. I have been a Nirto 10 user for many years. I recently had a Windows 10 update and afterwards Nitro Pro changed to a trial status. I subsequently logged into my account and attempted to deactivate my licenses and then hoped to reactivate one (I have 2). It told me that both of my licenses were already deactivated. Back on my "trial" of Nirto Pro, it told me that it did not recognize my serial number, even though this was obtained from Cleverbridge. Next I uninstalled my Nirto Pro 10. I went to the Nirto website to obtain the version and it did not show my version. Only v13 and v12 were available. If I need to upgrade that is fine but I don't understand why Nitro cannot get in sync with Windows and prevent the reversion of their product to a "trial" copy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Reymund Oyong

Hi @R Koehn,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

You can download the Nitro Pro 10 installer from the following location: 

Go to the Nitro Pro 10 section then download the installer that matches your Windows installation (32bit or 64bit). 

If you have installed a newer version of Nitro Pro, please uninstall it first before installing Nitro Pro 10. Once Nitro Pro 10 is installed, try to activate it using your version 10 license. 

If the Nitro Pro 10 activation failed, please provide the error message and your version 10 serial number so we could check it activation records. 

Kind regards,

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The error message is pretty much exactly what I said:

-20: Error - Invalid license number

The serial number entered does not exist......

I had already uninstalled all Nitro Pro. Installed v10, 64-bit. Went back to Nitro site and it tells me that both seats of license are not active.

I will not post my license number on a forum. Surprised you asked me to do so. I do, however, appreciate your getting back to me.

Any attempt at support through Cleverbridge is really useless. They have told me that they cannot answer, that I have to go to the Nitro site. Really nice circular process.

Additionally, I am not a newbie as this site proclaims. I have been using Nitro for many years and this is not the first time I have had this problem. Although the last time it took only a day for Nitro support to fix the problem.

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Allain Umailin

Hello @R Koehn,

In behalf of Reymund, our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.

Based on your statement 'it tells me that both seats of license are not active', could you please provide a screenshot of this page and also your Nitro Pro's serial number?

To send them via private message, hover your mouse on top of my name 'AllainU' and select 'Message'.

Once I have these information, I can then log into our licensing server and check the status of your license.

Thank you very much in advance and I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

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Thanks for responding. I just went through the process again of reinstalling. I stated I was using v10 but I found my renewal from a year ago it it stated v13. The SN now seems to work so possibly I was just confused when providing the version number. Maybe someone should provide a message stating "your SN does not match this version" rather than just "invalid SN" or similar message. I am not, however, confused about the fact that this is twice I have had a Windows 10 upgrade cause Nitro to quit working. Hopefully this is something the developers are looking into. I believe that I have see other posts stating the same issue.

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