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Program won't open


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I reinstalled windows and reinstalled pro 10 without activating. Program worked fine except I couldn't activate. Nitro support fixed that and I opened one pdf with no problem. Rebooted computer and now all the pdf files show as they should with nitro as default. It's just that they won't open. The program doesn't open when I try from it's main icon. The task manager shows the Nirto process, but again, nothing opens. Double click and cursor circles and nada. windows 10 64bit

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Steven Zakulec

Are you on the latest version of Nitro 10? The issue you're mentioning is listed as fixed in Nitro and later.  You probably want to contact support ( https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket) if you're still seeing it.  Otherwise, here's the method I used before the issue was fixed: Right-click on the desktop, and go to New, and choose Shortcut.  For the location, paste this in: C:\Windows\System32\taskkill.exe /F /IM nitropdf.exe /T For the name of the shortcut, I used Fix Nitro not opening but you can use anything you want.


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Thanks Steven- I upgraded to 11, but 10 did the same. Below is the email I sent to support after they sent me some ideas.

Here's what is happening.

1. I did the repair they suggested. Afterwards, it didn't open any pdf files nor would the main program open although it showed open processes in task manager. Spool/update/and Nitro pro. An additional one for every pdf I tried to open. Had to end process manually

2. Used your cleanup tool

3. found the link to NP11 and installed. After install, it did not open anything. Same as #1 above

4 I rebooted the computer and the first pdf I tried to open, opened fine. I closed that one and not another one would open. Same as #1 above.

5. ?????

6. I had just upgraded to 11.

7. Adobe works fine.


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This is great. Program won't open. Sent out four emails after their first response and still haven't heard from anyone. Then I get an email that my problem is solved and want me to take a survey???????????? You can imagine my answers on that survey.

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